To church I was born
To love I was raised
With care I was nurtured
The truth was hidden
But I grew to be judged.

Yesterday I was taught
About the right and wrong
Shown how to love and forgive
Accept all and respect all
Yet today I stand accused.

Feelings grew in me
I was told it was normal
To love and cherish
You never said who to love
But today you label me guilty.

I loved
I sacrificed my all for love
I struggled to stand for love
A lesson you taught me to keep
But now you say am wrong?

The commandments
Love is the greatest
I kept it though you define it not
A man or a woman
Love is not defined
Yet you sow discord among us.

I stand tall today
I plead guilty of love
Ready to accept your judgement
A life sentence I will accept
Tell me… I loved a man
How do you judge me?

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