My Feminism’s Strength

She calls herself 'a woman-monument'
A monument that resisted to life torments

She regrets to never attend high education 
Because she wanted so badly to get married, lack of caution.
She says life could have been better then.
But life is better even, 

She fought for it to be. 

Memories I have of her do not betray herself depiction
A Woman
A Fighter
A Believer 
A Giver ...

When all thought she should not stay, 
She stayed.

When I thought I had lost her for ever, 
She, We came around, bonded by blood, acceptance and understanding

She, my mother. 
She, my pure love, 
She, my feminism's strength

I love you Mum.

Texte by Christian Rumu
Illustration by Oks

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