A Father’s Speech


 » Dear children, today you get married, I would first like, to congratulate you for this great step you take in your life, I know you go through a lot of hard times, not to say the worst of your youth but one of the most difficult, you’ve been fighting to become respectable young women, There are so many misunderstandings about this love that is yours, lot of unspoken realities and even real lies. I salute your courage to be able to face anything that happened to you, and I encourage you to continue to educate we others, we, which often are not very tolerant, not because we don’t know, but only because we lack of willingness to understand the world with its differences.


I say bravo for this act of wanting to have a family, your future home will be the perfect reflection of that love you have for one another, a love that shows you will be raising your children. I also thank you for this great party, a great time that you offer to us, to learn more about you. It is such a pleasure to know you doing well and happy together, I send you many blessings and may the best always happens to you. « 

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