Feminism Shouldn’t be a Dirty Word!

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A Hat Full of Ness

Well fuck me, my best friend, who I assumed would be a feminist, and in fact is, if you ask her about her beliefs, refuses to use the word.

She’s all for « equality » but not for « feminism », apparently.

To me, feminism is about gender equality, about fighting the systematic oppression enacted through social structures that have been in place for centuries. It’s about fighting the attitude that women and femininity are lesser than men and masculinity these social structures use as justification for their treatment of women. It’s about women having: political representation, equal pay for equal work, the right to do meaningful work outside the home and to have their contributions within the home recognised – financially, if at all possible. It’s the right to be educated to the same degree as men, and to reach the upper echelons of our chosen fields without undue hindrance. It’s the right…

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